Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Our New Launch

Greetings A Savvy Baby Readers....
Thank you so much for reading our blog over the last few months!
The Girls at A Savvy Event are busy, busy, busy
working on new concepts and designs for our blogs and websites!

Our new LAUNCH date is January 1, 2009.

We are working hard and can't wait for you to tune in to 
A Savvy Baby in 2009.

Thank you again for all your support!

~The A Savvy Baby Team~

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

NEW: A Savvy Tip - Modern Diaper Service


For all of you moms who cannot find the time to eat let alone another trip to the store - we have relief for you! You can order your diapers, wipes and pretty much anything you need from and if your order qualifies for Super Saver Shipping - you won't have to pay for shipping (which we highly recommend). You'll save yourself extra time and the cost of gas. Do something nice for yourself instead!
Another fabulous A Savvy Tip....

Monday, September 22, 2008

G Diapers -GiveAway!

G Diapers Starter Kit
Personalize your Bum

A few months ago A Savvy Baby featured G-Diapers!
Since we featured G-Diapers they are now available at Target!
Target is always adding "GREEN" companies and ECO Friendly companies so we were so excited to see them add G-Diapers.
Since our post we have been in contact with G-Diapers and they are even gaining FAME in Hollywood. Julia Roberts was just recently quoted saying:

“I use Seventh Generation [chlorine-free, nontoxic] diapers for Finn and Hazel, and then I was turned on to the [plastic-free, flushable] gDiapers. Henry’s got a gDiaper on.… I would recommend them overall. It is flushable, but you’ve got to stir that thing! If you don’t really break it all the way up, it doesn’t go all the way down"
So in the spirit of our Diaper Week G-Diapers has graciously offered one A Savvy Baby reader a G-Diaper Starter Kit (1st photo above)
So we are so excited to offer this giveaway as we really feel that every little thing you can do to be Green and Eco Friendly will help our Earth!
So...if you have wanted to try G-Diapers and you are trying to be a little more Green then we encourage to
with G Diapers in the subject line and tell us why you want to make the switch to G-Diapers!
Good Luck and stay tuned for more Diaper related topics and giveaways this week!
~Your A Savvy Baby Team~

Monday, September 15, 2008

Bath Luve....GiveAway

A Savvy Baby is in-"LUVE"

What is Bath Luve?

Bath Luve Buddies Coming Soon!!A Savvy Baby came across Bath Luve and now we are in Luve!

Bath Luve is a mother's invention and it is for you little luve. You submerge bath luve in water and cover your little luve so he/she stays warm and secure in their bath.

Bath Luve has graciously offered one Bath Luve of your choice to one lucky A Savvy Baby reader...

So tell us a funny bath time story and if your story wins you will receive a Bath Luve.

Make sure you
Email us

With Bath Luve in the Subject Line!


~Your A Savvy Baby Team~

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Halloween is just around the corner.....

A Haunted Village to spruce up your dining table
Glitter Tombstone decor for your yard
Halloween Glitter Wreath...
Personalized "count down to halloween calendar"
As with any holiday or any reason to throw a party A Savvy Event loves to start looking for fun ways to decorate and throw a fabulous party! So with Halloween around the corner our team at A Savvy Event is going to be guest blogging to give you tips and pointers to decorate your house for Halloween as well as throw a fun children's Halloween party.
Today we have a few fun ideas to get you and your children in the mood for Halloween.
We found these fabulous finds at Pottery Barn Kids!
What child wouldn't love a count down to Halloween calendar! Run fast to Pottery Barn Kids to pick yours up so you and your children can count down to the spooktacular day!
Next week A Savvy Event will be back to give you tips, recipe's and costume ideas for your perfect Kids Halloween Party!
Stay will be Spooktacular!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's your little one going to be for Halloween?

As we all well know, it's never to early to begin planning what our children will be for Halloween. Too many of us have spent late nights on the eve of Halloween trying to piece items together to create a costume. Visit for some very cute and affordable costumes. But, be sure to visit soon - as they will be gobbled up soon!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Savvy Tip - Hidden Treasures

All new moms think they need every gadget under the sun.  Why would we think any different? The magazines and websites we read tell us we need a swing that rocks forward and backwards and side to side - we need a jumper to keep our kids legs strong - and on and on!  
Well, very quickly you find out that some of these things are wonderful and you'd even give a limb if it broke.  And...then others don't even get a fair shake.  What do you do with these brand new items?  Sell them! is a wonderful resource for new moms.  You can sell everything baby. can buy things you didn't want to pay full price for.  
Plus, while you're shopping for your little one, take a spin for yourself and see if you can find a hidden treasure for yourself, too.  

Monday, September 8, 2008


What is a Mompreneur?

A Mompreneur is a mom balancing motherhood and entrepreneur.

Are you a Mompreneur?
If you are then this is your lucky day!

A Savvy Baby is looking for all Mompreneur's

With our new content launch we are adding this oh so fabulous feature and we have a lot in store for all you mompreneur's out there so please 
Email us
Tell us about yourself and your business and on October 15th when we launch our new concept for A Savvy Baby our first Mompreneur will be featured!
We have so much in store for all you mom's out there!
Please make sure you put Mompreneur in the subject line!

~A Savvy Baby Team~

Hip-T's...GiveAway / Serena & Lily Winner

So the Team at A Savvy Baby wanted to do something fun for all you mom's out there!
We wanted to do a giveaway for YOU!
These are fantastic. I am sure if you are like us you have purchased a pair of low rise pants or jeans and the minute you sit down your shirt comes up and well there you go your back side...
So Christine and Kelley have come up with Hip-T's to cover your assets!
They go over your pants/jeans and your shirt goes over them! they also give you the layered shirt look!
They are so fun and so cute and come in so many fabulous colors and designs!
Christine and Kelley are offering one lucky A Savvy Baby reader a free hip-t.
So please make sure you Email us
and tell us your favorite color or design. You can view them here
The winner will be chosen on Friday September 12th

****Our Serena & Lily Winner is*****

Kelly Holton!

Make sure you 
With Serena & Lily Winner in the subject line and your shipping information!

Friday, September 5, 2008

A Savvy Tip - Make Your Baby a Whole Baby

After years of Whole Foods envy, a store finally opened near my home.  Now all of those out of town trips where I would visit a Whole Foods have ended.  I can get in my car and within 10 minutes be in my own store!

As a new mother, I hit the panic button on exposing my new infant to chemicals and weird processed foods.  Whole Foods has come to the rescue.  In addition to the baby foods and products they offer in their store, they also offer an online resource called "Whole Baby."
Please visit this site and give us your feedback.  We would like to hear if you found this to be as useful as we have. Emails us at  A Savvy Baby  
and let us know.

Bella Morgan Boutique...WINNER!!!!

The winner for Bella Morgan Boutique is:

Sarah Rosnes

Please  Email
A Savvy Baby
With your contact Information!


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Serena & Lily.....Giveaway!!!!

A few months ago we introduced you to Serena & Lily.
Serena & Lily is a children's line and they are located in children's stores all over the United States and Canada.

A chance meeting on an October day in 2003 seemed rather serendipitous at the time: Serena Dugan, a textile designer and artist, met Lily Kanter, a baby boutique owner and savvy businesswoman. Perhaps it was our differences that brought us together – our skills and backgrounds were opposite one another in that advantageous, yin-yang kind of way. Or maybe it was our striking similarities despite these differences – the collision of two go-getter Type-A scatterbrains.

In retrospect, it wasn’t simply the advantageous fit of designer with businesswoman that made sparks fly that day – it was our shared aesthetic and shared vision of the baby’s room reinvented. Children’s spaces that are fresh and style-driven, with dynamic color and pattern combination, timeless and comfortable through sophistication and simplicity…this is what we both dreamed of.

Our first collections were released 8 months later: 14 bedding sets, 30 original fabric patterns, and a look for the nursery that turned the industry on its side. As we continue to add to the line and expand into children’s furnishings, we bring the same passion, gusto, and nonsensical drive that brought our first collection to market. As our products evolve, our design values stay the same: to maintain a sense of integrity and a visual standard that is authentic and original in a sea of copycats.

At the end of a long and hectic day, we ask ourselves what continues to drive us. The answer is simple – far beyond our love of great design, we care about making a difference in the world. We are doing that through ‘Serena & Lily.’ Through a portion of product sales, we give back to the world that our children will inherit. These are the fundamental values that guide us, and the conviction that fuels the growth of our business.

…and even at the end of that long and hectic day, simply put, we love what we do.

A Savvy Baby loves what we do too and we are so excited to share that Serena & Lily are doing a giveaway!
They are giving away a Serena & Lily friend to one lucky A Savvy Baby reader!!!

and tell us what your favorite item on Serena & Lily.
Make sure you put Serena & Lily in the subject line!!!

Please Note you will have till Sunday (9.7.08) at Midnight to enter the contest!
The winner for this drawing will be announced on Monday, September 8th.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bella Morgan Boutique...Giveaway

A Savvy Baby presents:

A Fun different bib for your Savvy Baby!
A Fun new way to carry around all your babies needs!!!
A stylish way to cook up something oh so fun and savvy!
Nursing? You can be stylish too! Choose your style at 
Keep your baby "GERM FREE" while grocery shopping and still be stylish!

We came across Bella Morgan Boutique and we just love everything on Melissa's site!
She is very creative and has something for every mom.
Shopping...she has covers for the can still be stylish with her fun nursing aprons. Cooking and tired of the boring apron, Melissa has something a little more fun and stylish for you! So please check out Melissa's boutique! Tell us what your favorite thing is on her site. Melissa is offering our A Savvy Baby Readers a $15 gift certificate. Make sure when you Email us you put in the subject line Bella Morgan Boutique!

Our winner will be announced on Friday September 5th, 2008

Good Luck
The A Savvy Baby Team!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Little Note to Our Readers....

Greetings A Savvy Baby Readers,

We wanted to take this time to THANK all of you for reading our blog and tuning in every day to see what we have for you.

We are growing and with growth comes change. We are so excited about the changes we are making to the blog.
We have a new team in place that is working with us on creating one of the best mommy blogs out there! We have a roll out of 45 days and are hoping to launch the new blog with new features on October 15th.
With a new launch comes exciting things and we have made some amazing partnerships so there is a lot in store for A Savvy Baby.
We want to continue to be different!
We will continue our fun post and giveaways  until our launch and a lot of that is going to stay the same but...with all the blogs out there we want to strive to provide you a blog that you will continue to look at day after day and will be unique and different and will continue to "SURPRISE & DELIGHT" our readers.

So keep reading...keep enjoying and stay tuned for October 15th! You are not going to be disappointed...
This weeks giveaway will launch tomorrow!
Please read email below about all our winners for the last 2 weeks!!

"A Savvy Baby Team"

You can also email us with your ideas and what you would like to see on the blog!