Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Little Note to Our Readers....

Greetings A Savvy Baby Readers,

We wanted to take this time to THANK all of you for reading our blog and tuning in every day to see what we have for you.

We are growing and with growth comes change. We are so excited about the changes we are making to the blog.
We have a new team in place that is working with us on creating one of the best mommy blogs out there! We have a roll out of 45 days and are hoping to launch the new blog with new features on October 15th.
With a new launch comes exciting things and we have made some amazing partnerships so there is a lot in store for A Savvy Baby.
We want to continue to be different!
We will continue our fun post and giveaways  until our launch and a lot of that is going to stay the same but...with all the blogs out there we want to strive to provide you a blog that you will continue to look at day after day and will be unique and different and will continue to "SURPRISE & DELIGHT" our readers.

So keep reading...keep enjoying and stay tuned for October 15th! You are not going to be disappointed...
This weeks giveaway will launch tomorrow!
Please read email below about all our winners for the last 2 weeks!!

"A Savvy Baby Team"

You can also email us with your ideas and what you would like to see on the blog!