Saturday, August 23, 2008


What Are You Wishing For?

A Savvy Baby is wishing for.....
You to Discover Wishpot.
We just love this new registry tool! It is amazing! You can register in one place for everything! Your baby shower, your child's birthday, your wedding,  your birthday, a house warming party the sky is the limit! It is a great resource for everyone to create their own wishpot. We hope you go to and give it a try! A wishpot may just become mainstream like email! BRILLIANT!

***********And.....A Savvy Baby has their own WISHPOT! We have been selected to be a MOM EXPERT and our featured on their expert page. Check out all our great finds! We will also be a guest blogger for WISHPOT so this is really exciting! We love the team at Wishpot and we are so happy to be apart of this fabulous endeavor! So please check us out on Wishpot and tell us what you are wishing for.......

****Each weekend A Savvy Baby will feature a website favorite so if you have a fun, unique website related to children please Email us and each weekend we will highlight a new website!!****