Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Flip & Tumble Giveaway

So each week A Savvy Baby is featuring either a Green Company or a way you can go GREEN in your own daily lives!
Last week we had such a huge success with our B. Happy Bags that we searched for another fabulous bag company and we came across Flip & Tumble!
These bags are so great as most of the time your reusable bag can be bulky and they don't store very well. Well Flip & Tumble has solved those issues! They start out this small.

They then look this fabulous!
So many great fun colors!
Super Stylish.....Notice the Flip and Tumbles on the tables.
& they can accommodate all these items!!!

Here are some fun facts about Flip & Tumble....

What’s so great about compact reusable bags?
Compact reusable bags make it a lot easier to always keep a bag with you, so you don’t actually have to “remember” to bring a bag. This makes them perfect for those unexpected shopping trips.

How is flip & tumble’s 24-7 bag different from other reusable bags?

The 24-7 bag has been designed to be with you all the time. Really, all the time. That’s why the bag has a casual go anywhere, do anything style. We wanted the bag to work well for the grocery store, or a day of shopping in the city, but we also wanted people to feel good about carrying the 24-7 bag into a nice restaurant, or even a night at the movies.

Should I use the 24-7 bag for all my reusable bag needs?
Probably not. We think that there are lots of great reusable bags out there. We think our bag makes the perfect one bag to keep with you all the time, but you may want additional reusable bags as well for larger planned shopping trips.

Are flip & tumble’s bags ecologically sound?
A reusable bag can easily save over 1000 plastic bags in its lifetime, but there’s a catch.

This only works if the reusable bag gets used. Unfortunately, too many reusable bags wind up in the back of a closet. We’ve put a lot of time into considering the needs and lifestyles of real people, so your 24-7 bag won’t be making friends with the dust bunnies.

What happens to my bag once its useful life is over?
We didn’t think it was right that our bags should wind up in a landfill after years of dutifully hauling stuff. Just send your bag back to us, and we’ll recycle it.

What’s your return and warranty policy?
We want you to be happy with your bag. If for any reason you’re not, just contact us within 30 days of purchase and we’ll issue you a full refund.

The 24-7 bag comes with a 1 year limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

****************NOW THE GIVEAWAY**********************************
Flip and Tumble is giving away 2 Flip & Tumble Bags to one lucky A Savvy Baby Reader!!!

So please tell us which color you love and why!

Email us  with Flip & Tumble in the subject line.