Thursday, July 24, 2008

Creative Kids at Home

A Savvy Baby found this fabulous site.
If you are at a loss for finding activities or creative things to do with your children while they are off for summer break you should click on over to Creative Kids at Home.
Each week they offer different crafts and ideas to do with your children at home!

A Savvy Baby Especially Like This One!
This is great for when you are in the kitchen and you have to keep the small & big kids occupied!

Colors and Bubbles

dish detergent
food coloring
flat container (white or clear is best)
oil (optional)

Find a container with a large, flat bottom. A glass, oblong baking dish works great.
Squirt some dish detergent in the bottom of the pan in some sort of zig zag or S figure. About a teaspoon is plenty.
Let the children put a few drops of food coloring in the bottom of the dish.
Add a teaspoon of water.
Use the straw to blow bubbles and move the food coloring around.
After this first creation, wash the dish, and start again with about a cup of water in the bottom. Then add the dish detergent and about the same amount of oil. Add drops of food coloring and see what happens.

Start with two colors or it will turn muddy fairly quickly.
Adding the water makes it easier to blow the bubbles.
Use the straw to move the food coloring to blend and create colors. The children can experiment to learn that red and yellow make orange.
Use drops of oil to add a different look to the creation. Oil and water don't mix, separating the colors.
Food coloring won't dissolve in oil, so it can create a barrier between different sections of color.
Use a spoon to draw lines and patterns in the color.
When your child is all done, just take it over the to the sink to wash up. The soap is already in the mixture so it washes up easily.