Thursday, May 8, 2008

Our First Guest Blogger:

Baby Shower Trends

More and more people are turning to florists for event planning and baby showers are certainly no exception. In fact, in the past five years baby showers have become one of the most popular events for the Hidden Garden, behind weddings and Hollywood events. Perhaps it’s because more women are choosing to marry and have children a little older these days. Being a bit older and established means we can be more extravagant with budget and décor. The trends are smaller guest lists, modern and funky venues and nice details.

I have always believed that the floral design sets the tone for your décor, which is something that surprises many clients. Once a color palette is chosen, I incorporate floral to carry the theme throughout the entire event. Baby showers are no longer an afternoon at someone’s home. Today’s showers are at beautiful venues such as hotel gardens, restaurant banquet rooms, museums and tea houses. They are actual ‘events.’

Overall décor is top priority so we design full table top presentations complete with centerpieces, napkin accents and place cards. Favors have become more sophisticated too. Some centerpieces are comprised of many pieces which can be given to the guests at the table to take home.

Entertainment has replaced games. Palm readers, masseuses, and henna tattoo artists are very popular at the new, non-traditional shower. And when it comes to gifts, there is no need to guess. These moms-to-be have taken the time register and it is customary to stick to the registry. With the new showers feeling more like a girls’ night out, it’s no wonder we are now seeing more and more repeat showers. Don’t be surprised to receive a beautifully crafted invitation for babies number two and three!

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