Thursday, April 24, 2008

Saddles and Rattles

A Hoe Down Baby Shower

Strap on your saddle and grab your rattle as we celebrate the little cowboy on his way.
Themed baby showers is our topic for April and this week we are featuring a Saddles & Rattles baby shower. Tell your guest to dress western and offer a western bbq for lunch or dinner.
This would be a great theme shower to do with couples. 
Here are some great entertaining and decor ideas to keep the theme of your Rattles & Saddles Shower:

-Serve chips & snacks in cowboy hats. 
-Use mason jars to serve your favorite beverage. 
-Use bandanna style table cloths.
-Use a silver pen and write guest names on horseshoes for place cards.
-Fill cowboy boots with flowers to create centerpieces on your tables.
-Use galvanized horse troughs and fill with ice to place your beverages in.

We hope these are some fun ideas to get you started on creating that perfect themed shower for your little cowboy.